Labor Day Update

Happy Labor Day! 


As days get busier and busier with Evie's Strength and smiles coming back in full force I thought I would write a quick update on behalf of Evie’s family!


This past week has been a good one! We have had some amazing days! Although we have had some amazing days we are left with a bit of an unknown future.


Evie has had an amazing week and weekend! They have increased Evie’s feeds due to her finally tolerating them! She even went the entire day, Sunday, without a complaint of ANY belly pain!!!! THIS IS A HUGE MILESTONE! We are seeing Evie’s smile and hearing her laugh even more frequently than before! 


Evie’s scooter was brought from home and she has made trips down the hallway like she owns the place!


This positive change was what we all needed to see but there is a bit of a bump in the road that reminded us that this road still will be a long one. Evie’s AFP (blood draw done to check cancer levels in her blood) was drawn and showed that it had risen. This is scary as she is almost done with her second round of chemotherapy and it shouldn't be rising if the chemo is working. In a little less than two weeks a PET scan and her levels will be drawn again. The PET scan will be done to see if there is any cancer they can see growing in her tough little body. Also, the blood work will be done to see if the AFP has risen again. This is done due to the chance that if the ugly cancer isn't showing its face in the scan we have an idea if the cancer is potentially spreading. Please pray for her scan to be clear and her AFP to have dropped so we can continue down this road to recovery with our original plan of care for Evie.


In light of all this I have had the opportunity to watch Taylor, Evie’s mom, be thrown yet another potentially horrible situation in Evie’s recovery. As many people think they would hide, cry, scream, and give up that is not the case for Taylor. Taylor stood up tall took all the information in and got ready for battle. She started researching anything and everything that would be available just in case things go backwards. She started researching and contacting other parents who have been in similar situations. Never did I see Taylor allow this news set them back or put a burden on their day. She made the choice, once again, to fight on and not give up. This is what she has done all along. Taylor has been given news numerous times that would make most feel hopeless but not once has her positive outlook toward Evies future been shaken. That is why Evie has gotten as far as she has….that is why Evie has the strength she has!



Taylor is one person that will never know what an impact she has made on so many of us watching her story unfold in front of our eyes. She will never ask for anything from others, unless it is something that will save her babies life.  She is the true meaning of heroism, strength, and persistence. She is the back bone behind Evie’s care and the true reason we are all going to be able to watch Evie grow up into something special.


Thank you for all your support and kind words! It is truly apprciated!

-Emily Moses




THIS ENTIRE WEEK AT URBAN PIE- You can donate in honor of COTA for Evie's Freedom!



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