Bald is Brave

August 16th, 2017

Today was a day that came quicker than most of us expexted. After two weeks of chemo Evie woke up with a large amount of hair on her pillow this morning. 

As the day went on more and more hair started falling out. From simple scratches of her head to even giggles of accidenlty pulling some of it out.  

Evie had to be drained again today and they also did a CT scan to see if there is something else that potientally could be causing the frequent fuild build up in Evie's abdomain. Evie's AFP went down significantly today since she started chemo. So today we are happy for hair loss! It is a sign of kicking cancers booty!

As evening grew near the amount of hair loss was significant compaired to the morning. Pretty soon we will see that beautiful bald head of hers and have just another reminder that this little girl is braver than most of us will ever be!

Thank you for all your continued thoughts and prayers. 

We are at a loss of words for the overwhelming support for everyone!

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Chemotherapy is very painful and dreadful medicine but it is good and helpful for the cancer patients. This girl maybe bears lots of difficulties but you can visit webiste and it is good for her future. The sign of the hair falling is good and might be possible that hair will come soon.