"I have only seen one thing more relentless than cancer. Mothers."

Being on the outside looking into a friends daily battle is one of the toughest things I have ever experienced. On one end there is such pride knowing Taylor will push until something gets done even if the doctors are underestimating symptoms she is noticing in her child. Resulting in the nurses making statements to the doctors like “Well you can deal with mom then. Never underestimate a mothers gut feeling!

On the other end there is just such an emotion that I don't think many of us could even start to describe. Knowing that this battle that she was handed and will be fighting, along with her little warrior, brings on so many obstacles that none of us can do anything to control. As friends we then try to find words to say, over think them, rephrase it again, and nothing ever pans out to even be close to what we feel or want to say.


This weekend visiting Taylor and Evie brought such a different light into this battle they are fighting. Coming with such excitement for all of Evie’s progress to leaving with such a dejected feeling.


When I arrived Friday evening Evie looked good and was watching her all time (for now) favorite Aladdin (The original….smart girl). Haleigh, one of Taylor's close friends, was there visiting with Taylor and Evie. The feeling walking into the room on the Peds floor was a more positive feeling this time compared to the prior visit in the PICU. It was like the sense of relief and hope was there from all the progress that was made in the last 48 hours. Even though Evie’s heart rate was still a bit high and was requiring more pain meds there was still a sense of calm.


As Saturday came and many family members arrived Taylor started noticing a distention in Evie’s tummy. As this has happened many times before Taylor had a gut feeling she was starting to retain fluid. She expressed her concerns and they stopped the tube feedings as there were other signs she was not tolerating them yet. Seemed like a simple fix but yet her tummy just grew larger as the day progressed. Taylor pushed for an x-ray and around 4:00 pm one was completed and once it was read a STAT ultrasound was ordered. The results showed Evie was retaining fluid, again. (MOM INSTINCT WINS AGAIN) They were moved back into the PICU and drained 2 Liters of fluid. 




Above pictures of Evie during her ultrasound. 7/22/17


Today, Sunday, I looked at Taylor and Evie and just saw exhaustion. Exaughtion that most of us will hopefully never understand. As exhausted as they both may have been they laid in bed together and would just look at each other with a sense of security, hope, and trust. Today Evie had a fever but was very determined to clean her ears (with “those ear things” as she calls them in her sweet little voice) and made sure MiMi knew she would wash her hair but only after momma washed her hair first. 




Above picture of Corey, Taylor, & Evie taken 7/23/17


This battle is far from over for Taylor and Evie but I have no doubt that with that duo no matter what is thrown their way they will just push through.

My visit this weekend made me even more proud and honored to be able to call Taylor my friend. Her strength through this journey is beyond inspiring.

Above picture taken 7/23/17


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