July 14th, 2017

Hi friends and family!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers! The outreach of support for Evie and our family has been absolutely amazing! Her story is being heard by so many and I am so happy it is inspiring others.

The last week has been a tough one on little Evie. Starting on Monday she was looking more and more distended in her belly area. This only got worse with pain, uncomfortableness, and more distention. Her incision area started leaking a lot of fluid and on Wednesday they decided they needed to put her back on the operating table to open her up to get all that fluid out and stitch the incision on the inside together again, since they thought it had come apart. And they were right. A quick surgery to doctors was definitely hard on her little body. Since, she has had complications with her heart rate being extremely high for her( 140-160) continuously. Although, she in definitely in more pain, the elevated heart rate we have concluded is not due to pain. They did an Echo and an EKG on her heart to make sure it is functioning right, since it seems as though it is working extra hard. Her heart is working fine, she just has a tiny bit of fluid around her heart. The fluid around her right lung is back again. It was getting better, but like everything else it seemed to back track again. Since, her breathing was labored she was put back on the high-flo oxygen to help her. Her heart rate and respiration rate have not seemed to get any better since Wednesday.

Every time they give her more fluid it seems to just accumulate around her lung and abdomen, instead of staying where they would like it. So, they have been keeping her on lasiks to try and keep the fluid moving out of her system, rather than letting it sit there. We have been having her sit up in the big reclining chair and walk a little to help her lungs as well. She is so tough!

The last week has been a real struggle to get her blood sugars under control. After the surgery Wednesday, they really started spiking to the point where she had to get poked every hour! It was so hard to watch! So, yesterday they put her on an insulin drip, which eliminated the shot every hour, but they still have to check her blood sugars every hour. Finally, today her blood sugars are starting to become within range more often.

Also, Wednesday morning we got some news about her pathology, which is the diagnosis of the organs they removed. We all knew the cancer was starting to explode fast, so this is something we were anxiously waiting for. The doctor told us some of the lymph nodes they removed were positive for cancer along with some of the blood vessels in her stomach wall that they removed. This was not the news we would have liked to hear. Having the cancer not go to ANY of the lymph nodes would have been best, but at least they did remove all of them that were cancerous they think. With this information, the doctors think it would be best if Evie is able to start chemo as soon as she is well enough here in Omaha. They are hoping in the next 3 weeks. The cancer has shown that it is aggressive and if any cell is left anywhere, starting chemo as soon as possible is the best chance to kill it before it has the chance to grow/spread more.

We are really hoping Evie gets over this bump in the road and moves more and more towards recovery. Once, she is recovered from the surgery and stable enough she will have to start chemo right away. The road is going to be a long and bumpy one for Evie Mae, but she has amazing people fully behind her the entire way.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. You rock!

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