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Labor Day Update

Happy Labor Day! 


As days get busier and busier with Evie's Strength and smiles coming back in full force I thought I would write a quick update on behalf of Evie’s family!


This past week has been a good one! We have had some amazing days! Although we have had some amazing days we are left with a bit of an unknown future.


Bald is Brave

August 16th, 2017

Today was a day that came quicker than most of us expexted. After two weeks of chemo Evie woke up with a large amount of hair on her pillow this morning. 

As the day went on more and more hair started falling out. From simple scratches of her head to even giggles of accidenlty pulling some of it out.  

"I have only seen one thing more relentless than cancer. Mothers."

Being on the outside looking into a friends daily battle is one of the toughest things I have ever experienced. On one end there is such pride knowing Taylor will push until something gets done even if the doctors are underestimating symptoms she is noticing in her child. Resulting in the nurses making statements to the doctors like “Well you can deal with mom then. Never underestimate a mothers gut feeling!

Video 7/16/17 - Laughter is the best medicine

Watch Evie Mae play with Marshall from Paw Patrol (one of her FAVORTIES) with Mom & Corey! Two part video below!  

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